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Harry Potter Stories

Night-blooming Heartsease
A prequel to Transfigurations, by Resonant. Then George raised his glass. "To Neville Longbottom," he said ... "And to Severus Snape, may he rest in whatever he prefers instead of peace." [Theband Band Illustration]
Fandom: Harry Potter
July 13, 2004

Severus' Marvellous Medicine
Resonant's birthday present, produced with Calico. Not a scrap of originality, but we love it nonetheless.
Fandom: Harry Potter
May 11, 2003

Co-written with Calico. Harry/Draco. He is, he tells himself, fine now.
Fandom: Harry Potter
February 24, 2003

Shack #66 (HP)
From 101 Ways to End up in a Canadian Shack. Harry/Ron.
Fandom: Harry Potter
February 18, 2003

Broken Bones
A HP war story for Linbot. Harry/Draco. In the back, to the hilt.
Fandom: Harry Potter
December 10, 2002

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