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Dec 10, 2000
my guess for next story is a first season Carolyn-bashing J/B first-time.  Then again, I also started a Carolyn-apology story, which is also an email story, and OMC het... in other words, it's so god-fucking-awful that Murphy's Law dictates it will be finished very soon indeed. 

Other contenders include a Xander graduation story at beta stage, and a sort of drunk RayK thing, both being written with Livia, who finishes stuff.  There's a fish-fight OAT which failed a zine deadline and may get finished if Calico nags me enough.  And an OAT shortfic which is essentially written, I just haven't posted it because I hate it.  On second thoughts, my money is on that one, because all that needs to happen is for me to get drunk and decide to get it the fuck off my hard drive. Ooh, actually, there's a TS like that too.  And lots of Christmas parties coming up.  Woohooo!! 

Stay tuned, beloved reader, because next update will probably reveal that I've finally started writing Sesame Street slash, and everything on the above list has been relegated to the dust-pile which now includes about three TS, two HL, a Joxer/Ares, half a dozen Voyager stories and at least thirty collaborations with Calico, who never fucking finishes anything either. And, um, don't even get me started on Blakes 7. <g> 

Brief addendum, 16 Dec, 2000
Well, I've posted something that wasn't even a twinkle in my eye on Dec 10, threw out the Carolyn email story because it was just way too scary, got two shorter fics into beta and started a new P/K and a new HL story. That's a very busy week for me. 
14 January, 2001
Okay.  First we have a due South posted, and that didn't exist on Dec 16.  In good news, though, the Xander story predicted on Dec 10 has finally crossed the line.  Three cheers for Livia!!

In bad news, I've started three new due South stories. They seem inclined to fracture into more.  Guess for next story posted?  To be honest I have no idea.  I don't know what to work on next.  Calico's nagging me about a cagefight OAT, so I'll go play with that. 

27 January, 2001
These are the things which amuse me immensely, in my own twisted and bitter way:  Just over a month ago, I wondered if a sudden Sesame Street infatuation would put an end to all other writings.  Well.  It ain't Sesame Street slash, it's worse.  It's boyband slash.  And man, have I got it bad.  Four stories in a week, with more coming.  What's more, I hate these bands.  I don't go near them.  I hadn't even heard of *nsync until I saw them on Helen's Puppies in a Box site, and apparently that's quite an achievement.  What's more, they're ugly.  No getting around it, they just are.  Two of them are complete fuckwits; the jury is still out on the other three.  And finally, I have feminist-type issues with boybands--they're a multi-media product designed and marketed to stimulate particular emotions in young women, but the mass culture which works tirelessly to generate those emotions also disrespects them, and the industry which profits from them must invalidate them when the band's sales-cycle winds down.  It's a vicious circle with female self-respect taking all the shit, and I don't like it.

So, next.  Several more nsync stories, and a massive, massive rant on the issue, with serious questions asked about why I am doing this.

In other news, I started and nearly finished another DS, and it's nasty.  Yay for me!  I'm guessing a month or so on that one, because, well, because it's nasty, and I'm in a nasty mood lately.

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