The Profound Stupidity Nsync Haiku Machine
by Julad

Because she'd rather play with programs than write or update, Julad has made an automatic haiku adding page. If, after a particularly bad boyband day, you feel the need to express your rage, shame or lust in seventeen syllables, please feel free to use it.

Don't abuse it, please. If I think something is inappropriate, I'll delete it... I have the power! Currently, unacceptable means:

* not related to Nsync
* not haiku (and yes, that means five, seven, five, people!)
* mean to my sweet precious Lance

Well, Lance did say that crap about shooting pheasant, so maybe the last one doesn't apply. Whatever. You get the idea.

And please link to this page, not to the next page, if linkish you be.

That's enough of me being bossy and anal. Go vent your Nsync angst.

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