Almost Insubbordination

by Calico


Disclaimer: Because these things work, right? <shrug> I din't make 'em. If you did, hope you don't mind people messing with them.

My first Voy story, btw. Enjoy.

Angrily, Chakotay stalked out the turbolift and down to the Holodeck. What had started as a cute game from Paris had now become an irritating trial - he had been dragged all over the ship in this warped treasure hunt, and his attempt at cheating by asking the computer was foiled by Paris having put a location lock on himself. Against regulations, and he'd managed somehow that only the Captain's authority would carry weight against it. And he wasn't answering his Comm badge either.

So, glancing again at the clue in his hand, seething at the cheeky words he was forced to obey if he wanted to find the irritating pilot, he made his way to holodeck Three.

To add to his dark mood, the computer politely refused to enlighten him as to what simulation lay within - another subtle insult. It didn't bode well for the meeting.

Really, all he'd wanted at the beginning was to question Paris on the enigma that was his latest report - but on summoning him had only been given the first of a set of clues that had since led him the length and breadth of the ship, each increasing his blood-pressure a little more than the last as the wording got gradually more insolent and, well, like Paris himself. Now of course he had added to the mental list of things to talk to him about, though perhaps more accurate, "things for them to argue about" - and despite his anger he wasn't sure he had the energy to go one-on-one with the insuppressible pilot.

As he keyed in his access code an impersonal computerised voice informed him entry was prohibited to unauthorised persons. Chakotay swore, then gritted his teeth silent as Paris' smugly innocent voice issued from a speaker to his right.

"Ah, Commander, so glad you could join me." He could hear the grin.

"Oh really. Well, if you'll just let me in perhaps we can talk face to face."

"Oh but of course, Commander - I apologise, I didn't realise my privacy lock would ignore your entry code... an oversight on my part" he said smoothly, and Chakotay felt himself overreacting, bristling at the trivial slight.

The door slid open, and he was admitted to another world.

He'd been in Sandrine's, of course, and seen a few of Paris' flight sims and other training programs, but while he'd appreciated the detail and quality of the holographs he'd assumed Paris just knew a few tricks. But this place was different. This place must have taken skill.

The floor was uneven, black, the sky was low and endless and somehow intoxicating, a different shade of black. There were random statues, though not figures or anything recognisable, which looked smooth and imposing - yet Paris, leaning nonchalantly against one, didn't seem dwarfed.

The horizon was unnaturally smooth, broken only by the sculptures and a black wall jutting out behind Paris, which cornered off at an angle strange to Chakotay's gaze. Everything was in black or dark grey, yet there was no lack of light - even at the distance he could see Paris' sardonic smile.

His eyes tried to tell him they hurt from the excess of dimensions - far more than regulation three - but no ache backed up the claim. Yes, they should hurt. But somehow the depth and weight of landscape before him soothed rather than tormented. Nice, almost, and completely disorientating. Then he stepped forwards and flinched, as the ground gave a little beneath his foot. Yet the next step remained firm. A sudden dapple of light caught the edge of his vision, evaporated before he could focus, then flickered again away to his left.

Walking cautiously, picking his way through the suspicious ground toward Tom's inquiring stance, where he was leaning against an unidentifiable structure.

"What is this place?" he asked, forgetting his anger in place of pure fascination.

"You like?" A blank expression, studiously polite, but with a barely perceptible tinge of apprehension.

Why? Why would he worry what I think of his program? Chakotay looked around again, taking in the transient play of light across the ground, the ripple of wind against his skin.

"It's...unreal. It's the strangest, bleakest place I've been-- but beautiful, somehow." He looked back at Paris, just catching an open receival of praise before the features were again schooled, the mask exquisitely sculpted against emotions.

"So glad to have your approval, Commander." The drawl brought him back into himself, and he searched frantically for his anger as a defence against the once-again cocky-irritating younger man.

"Paris-- "

"What can I do for you?" He was interrupted half was through the first word.

"I need-- "

"What do you want, Commander?" Once again Paris cut him short.

"Par-- "

"Did you enjoy my little game, sir?" Smiling, in control, throwing Chakotay smoothly off balance again.

"Just-- "

"I especially liked clue 5, sir, the one that sent you back down to engineering, again."

Chakotay fought hard to keep calm, to not lose his fraying temper. "Paris-- "

"Sorry, sir, what did you say you wanted again?" A bright, insincere smile.

"Just be qu-- "

"Come on, sir, surely you didn't do all my clues just for my sparkling company - there must be something you wanted..."

Unable to control himself any more, Chakotay slammed the other man back against the strange structure, hands gripping his shoulders, face just inches from the suddenly startled expression of Tom Paris.

"You had better let me speak, you arrogant little-- you know, you're just the safe side of insubordination, and pushing it fast-- " he carried on, hissing a mixture of threats and insults into the other man's face, emphasising his words by shaking him sharply, feeling Paris flinch as his back reconnected forcefully with the hard black expanse behind him.

Watching the other man's eyes, Chakotay distantly saw them widen in shock as his tirade continued - shock edged with fear as the Commander allowed some of the pent-up frustration Paris'd inspired since the two had been working together to leak out. And so he saw the exact moment Paris' eyes began to glaze, pupils dilating and breathing roughen. And realised the pilot's lips were slightly parted. And that his own mouth was just inches from that invitation.

Suddenly out of his depth, Chakotay's outburst faltered and drowned in the silence. In horror he realised he still had Paris pinned firmly against the possibly-rock, in a stance could be interpreted as blatantly sexual. Which seemed to be how the man under him had judged the situation.

As Paris' hands moved, drifting surely to capture his waist, he felt a further surge of panic, twisting quickly away and turning his back, running his fingers harshly through his crisp hair in a vain attempt at smoothing his thoughts. What the fuck?!

Not wanting to risk catching the younger man's gaze, Chakotay kept his eyes firmly on a point in the dark sky. Did I just imagine that, or was he about to-- the thought was cut off abruptly as arms encircled him from behind, a hot mouth coming down in sharp kisses on the back of his neck, eliciting shivers in spite of the turmoil inside him at the turn of events.

"Computer engage 'Paris6' privacy lock..." The voice tickled his ear, a hot, breathy caress followed by a more startlingly intimate touch as teeth grazed his earlobe, hands efficiently insinuating themselves beneath his uniform and stroking up and around, tracing patterns on his skin, a firm body pressed up behind him.

As the meaning of the words hit his brain, delayed somewhat between impact and comprehension, Chakotay whipped round and stared into the darkly aroused eyes of the Lieutenant.

"Commander..." Paris purred, hands settling on his hips, drawing them together, holding him captive.

"Paris-- " he protested, concerned and surprised at the lack of interest him limbs had suddenly developed against moving-- at least away from this...heat-- yet furiously aware he had to leave, and soon.

"Par-- " he tried again, then simply wrenched himself free as he saw the other man focus on his mouth - pushing him away and stepping backwards, putting cold space between them. Finally Paris seemed to realise he wasn't being given the green light, and turned confused eyes on an equally bewildered Chakotay.

"Why-- why did you, don't you..." Tom trailed off, then took a deep breath and tried again. "Why not?" The confusion was tempered with something sharper.

"I don't. Don't, don't just, don't-- "

"Fuck men?" interjected Paris angrily.

"Yes, no-- yes but no, not like this..."

"You mean, not on the Holodeck, or not on Voyager, or just not lower ranked officers, Commander" he snarled, composed again apart from the voice, and a dangerous glitter of hurt in his eyes.

"No!-- no. It's not that, it's just-- "

"Not today, thankyou?" The sarcasm bit deeply, reasserting his anger. Involuntarily, he stepped forwards again, his fist held tightly into his side as he tried hard not to hit the man.

"Actually, not with men who attack me the moment I pull back after an unexpected advance, without waiting for an explanation or giving me a chance to work out what happened! I can't say it really makes me want to go with them-- don't you dare melt on me again!-- " he snapped, as Paris started to glaze over again, eyes narrowing, darkening, his whole body swaying into him. Paris purred at him,

"But I just can't help it sir - when you lose your temper with me like that, when the savage hidden so carefully beneath the saint makes an impromptu appearance..." he drawled, then leaned closer, tilting his head to whisper seductively in his ear, "it really turns me on..." He trailed his fingers lightly down Chakotay's cheek, then slid them round his head, stopping him from leaning away from Tom's mouth, distracting him, what with those delicate fingertips lightly tracing round his ear.

"No, hands off me-- ahhh"

Keeping his hands virtuously off his Commander, Paris blew again, gently against the sensitive hollows of his ear, this time chasing the breath with a light tongue, sending shivers straight through him with the heated touch.

Despite his wish to disengage, Chakotay couldn't prevent a slight moan slipping past his teeth.

"Sorry, what was that sir?" Paris asked, his voice striving for his usual innocent tone, but veering sharply towards a strangled laugh.

Summoning all his self control, Chakotay made himself speak coherently.

"I said, 'No'."

"Reeaally?" Drawled, insolent, and then, "so if I do that again..." Matching action to words, Paris elicited a second moan which Chakotay totally failed to conceal. "Oh yeah, really sounds like denial to me..." he exhaled, whisper soft but fire hot.

"Paris, back off" He tried for an order, but it lacked conviction.

"Oohhh, that's it Commander, order me, force me away..." Now he slipped his hands back under Chakotay's uniform, running his fingertips lightly up and down his ribs, teasing at the fastenings of his pants.

"Paris-- "

"Yess, reprimand me, oh please sir, make me sorry, I've disobeyed you, teach me not to, teach me now..." Slipping one finger beneath the waistband and tracing it around, waking up nerve endings he'd forgotten about, all the time whispering heat in his ear.

In a last desperate attempt, Chakotay slid his hands up to the taller man's shoulders and pushed him away, holding him at arms length and shaking him slightly to catch his attention.

"You're going to stop this now, Lieutenant," forced his voice steady, "and sit over there, and--

"Make me..." he breathed back, attempting to pull closer again, then, when that failed, turned his head sideways and licked lightly up the fist gripping his shoulder, probing rudely between the tightly clenched fingers and sucking at the skin hard enough to mark.

"Fuck you Paris" Chakotay swore, clenching his teeth against the contrasting onslaught, refusing the invitation but feeling the strain on his willpower.

"Ohhh, please?" Somehow, Paris' eyes darkened still further, just an outline of blue around the ebony-huge pupil. Turning his head forwards again, he licked his lips, slowly outlining them with a faint gloss, enticing, irresistible.

Fishing for his earlier anger as a shield against this further lure, Chakotay tore his gaze from that temptation and stared instead into Paris' eyes. Paris blinked, slowly, deliberately, then looked pointedly at Chakotay's own mouth and back up to his eyes.

Shit-shit-shit-shit-no! Don't do this, Chakotay, you'll regret it so, so much, you don't really want him seriously anyway-- ok, so that's a joke right now, but still-- just don't...

Summoning up his best official expression, then belatedly realising this was exactly what Paris wanted as the man inhaled sharply, then deciding he didn't care - he felt more in control like this - Chakotay took a calming breath and began to put an end to this nonsense.

"This won't work, Lieutenant-- will you listen?!"

"Sorry, sir, Commander, but when you pull rank on me it just makes me want to undress you with my teeth then suck you off until you come so hard you see stars all the time I'm fucking you so hard you can't even sit comfortably the next day, let alone walk - and that picture makes it a little hard to concentrate on what else you're saying...

"I'm very sorry, sir, I'm sure that's insubordinate - ignoring my Commander - now don't you want to punish me a little...?" His eyes flashed lust and his breathing was ragged, and his composure had all but dissolved leaving just a faint edge of the Paris he knew and hated.

shit. Oh spirits, oh shit

"As I was saying-- "

"Before I interrupted you so rudely..."

"-- we would need to talk about this before going anywhere - I don't just sleep with members of the crew-- that was not pulling rank, Paris," he snapped as the Lieutenant's face flushed with fresh desire, "I don't just sleep around without working out the implications beforehand,"

"Ohh, I love it when you talk technical, Commander, you make it all sound so dirty..."

"Snap out of it!"

"Was that an order, Sir - I'm afraid you may have to enforce it personally - I can be a terribly bad boy when it comes to fulfilling-- "

Chakotay's hand came up of its own accord and slapped Paris hard across the face, cutting off the rest of the words. Eyes wide, Chakotay realised the immediate guilt and shock was tempered with relief - now at least Paris would talk sensible...

His head, which had snapped round when the hand connected, now turned slowly back to fix Chakotay with an intense gaze. But instead of the fury he'd been expecting, Paris now looked, if possible, more aroused than before. His eyes, dark and glittering, bored seemingly straight into his mind.

"Ohhh, that's right Commander, play rough with me..."

Chakotay would have groaned, had he not known that response would, on no uncertain terms, elicit details of another wild fantasy from the irrepressible officer.

Not one to learn from his mistakes, Chakotay mustered up every ounce of rigid and overpowering control he had left, and had what he told himself was one last try at obtaining sense from the situation.

"Paris, what is the code to break the security? I assume this "Paris6" prevents me from leaving as well as anyone else getting in?" He spoke quietly, firmly.

"You know, I think that information is classified - I'm not sure I'm at liberty to release it. Of course, you might be able to interrogate it out of me..."

Angry his reasonable tone had been ignored so completely and the last of his control used up, Chakotay pushed the pilot away, hard, sending him stumbling across the floor. The Commander's sense of poetic justice was appeased as Paris tripped on the uneven ground, and the man sprawled backward into the black wall, finishing on the ground. In three steps Chakotay was standing above him, looking down arrogantly into the flushed, lust-flooded expression of the normally collected Mr Paris. Trying not to notice what an incredible picture the fair man made against the black wall. No, you can't think that, remember, this is Paris.

Who, contrary to Chakotay's expectations, didn't scramble to his feet and push him back. Instead he stood slowly, leant back on the wall and spread his arms slightly in a gesture of submission. He watched avidly, breathing rough, as Chakotay stepped purposely towards him and placed one hand solidly on the pilot's chest. Pressed him back into the wall, pressing until the other man's eyes widened a little in pain, then he held a finger in front of Paris' nose and spoke softly.

"Tom Paris. You want to tell me the code. In fact, you just want to say the code, and then I shall leave, and we shall both forget this ever happened. Deal?"

Tom looked at him, no sign registering on his face that he had understood the words, but perhaps his eyes darkened still further. He focused on the hand held in front of his face, then suddenly brought his head up and took the admonishing finger in his mouth. Looking slyly at the shocked Commander, he proceeded to suck the finger off, stroking and teasing with his teeth and tongue, sucking it in and out of his mouth, then finally taking it down to the knuckle with a forceful pressure.

"I don't think you could last much longer than that..." he said softly, a challenge in his eyes, daring warring with desire.

Chakotay just stared at him.

He'd just given Paris the escape route of secrecy, and now was being challenged on his stamina.

And he'd watched, entranced, as the combination of Paris' perfectly cut lips and mobile tongue had treated his finger to one of the most exciting times of its life.

And all the time with those dark, dark eyes locked onto his, the heat of the other man within reach, his hand against Paris' chest feeling the heartbeat through his uniform.

But he couldn't give in. If he was to succumb to this... offer, they' d both die of shame the next day - especially after this dominance/submission charade - and... they just couldn't.

It would definitely spoil their working relationship what working relationship? and give Paris yet another hold over him - result: chaos.

He was against the wall, with a thud.


During his thoughts his grip had weakened, and suddenly his hand was jerked aside, and he was swung round until their positions were reversed. The wall was very solid.

And now he was wishing he'd worn bigger soles, or heels, or anything that would have given him some more height compared to the Lieutenant. Who hand a hand on the wall either side of his head and a feral grin splitting his cheeks. He wasn't actually touching, but Chakotay's space felt utterly invaded.

"But if you've not got the strength to fulfil that fantasy I guess I'm going take matters into my own hands... With a slightly different sort of fantasy..." He spoke quietly, the earlier challenge not faded, instead emphasising the danger now illustrated there.

He forced a knee between Chakotay's thighs, pressing his heated groin against the older man's, effectively pinning him up against the wall, true captive.

"Why Commander, I never guessed this approach would be the one to get you going..." he purred, as the total contact revealed the arousal Chakotay'd been trying to hide, even from himself.

"It's not. I-- " he growled, cut off as Paris forced his mouth down on his captive's. As hands materialised on either side of his head, Chakotay's pride joined together with his fast-dispersing reluctance to try one final show of defiance. He tightened his lips shut.

But as he encountered the barrier Paris simply growled softly, almost in approval, and rubbed gently against his solid cock. As Chakotay's mouth opened in an involuntary moan, the taller man got his way. Tongue sliding hot between his teeth, plundering his mouth with a vengeance that sent shivers through him, Chakotay was kissed by Tom Paris. Dominated. Subdued. Subjugated. And that insult, along with the fact his dispersing reluctance had dispersed, was enough to spur himself into action.

Putting both hands flat on Paris' chest, he poured all the force had left into sending him flying backwards, again, stumbling, onto the floor. Then he knelt over him and returned the teeth clashing onslaught, retaliating hard.

The resistance he was distantly expecting at the invasion never materialised. Instead his tongue was sucked eagerly into the other man's mouth, accepted and stroked over in a kiss that soon resembled Paris' best piloting - fast, and intense, and the type that leaves onlookers gaping.

But Chakotay didn't want to lose his advantage by getting so caught up he forgot himself and let Paris re-take the lead. So when he found Tom had sat up, he decided it was his duty to see the slight was temporary.

Paris moaned beautifully, Chakotay discovered when he pulled back. And collapsed beautifully when Chakotay pushed his shoulders to the ground and moved himself on top. Sitting astride the pilot, he proceeded to remove all the layers of fabric preventing him from touching that invitingly pale torso.

Paris moaned again. This was because Chakotay, after admiring the contrast of his dark hand against the other's white chest, had run his fingers lightly over that same skin, just brushing the instantly tightened nipples.

It sounded wonderful, and Chakotay was perceptive enough to immediately notice why he'd been treated to the aural delight. So, knowing a bad weakness when he saw one, he returned to the sensitive point. He was not disappointed - in response to the teasing strokes Tom emitted a line of dialogue composed of variations on "nyouhoohaa..."

Turned on and interested in the completely-helpless side of Paris, Chakotay leant down and took one of the tiny stiff peaks into his mouth. He felt the resulting moan in vibrations before it reached his ears, tasted the thin film of salt-musk that sprang to the surface when he sucked, swirling his tongue around the skin, almost moaning himself when he drew away and Paris' back arched to follow his mouth.

"Please," Paris gasped, as he went down on the other pink nub, which evoked a fleeting sympathy, a moment's affection and a sudden flood of blood away from the brain... But Chakotay took mercy on him, and ceased teasing the sensitive points, instead tracing wet patterns down the lightly furred chest, sliding his body down and trying not to put too much of the tempting friction on his still-enclosed cock, pausing briefly to tongue his navel, then continued his journey. When he encountered the waistband of Paris' trousers he stopped again, fingers fumbling a little in haste, before the fastenings agreed to his manipulations and the clothing was dragged away.

"Ahh, Chakotaaa, please, oh, please-- " He suspected Paris had realised his ultimate destination.

He continued South, then as his cheek touched hot, firm proof of arousal he sat up to check how he was being received the other end. And realised he was being received quite well.

Paris had his head flung back, lip slightly parted, the exposed vein in his neck fluttering fast, breathing following the same pattern.

A moment later Paris raised his head, and fixed him with a glare that was probably threatening when the glaring party was more composed.

"Don't stop," he pleaded, abandoning the threatening stance as he realised it wasn't... plausible, his voice so husky with desire, "go on, please, go on go on, suck me, su-- ohgodsohgodsohgods!" he continued, as Chakotay obeyed the first part of the command by lowering his head again.

He soon realised that even deep-throating he couldn't take him all the way down, but in his experience it wasn't as satisfying all concentrated on the glans, so he drew back momentarily, grinning at the indignant moan, and licked his palm. Then he settled it lightly round the base, fingers curling round to touch his thumb, little finger idly stroking the sacs beneath.

"Ahhhohgodsohgodsyes, godsyes-- "

He bent again, tongue delicately collecting the bead of moisture on the tip, relishing the pervading taste and ensuing moan, then taking in the entire head and swirling his tongue round the soft skin, concurrently firming his hand and stroking the hard length left unconsumed.

"-- oh yes, oh gods baby yes, oh suck me, Chakotay, don't stop, oh gods don't stop-- "

Chakotay recognised the fine trembling starting in the other man's thigh with his less-active hand as a sign Paris was on the edge, and hearing the pitch in the frantic chanting heightening confirmed his thoughts.

He took a fast deep breath, then deep-throated the hard cock hot at his lips, sucking hard, and-- without thinking-- inserted his fingertip into the tight ass-hole-- "oh gods, oh gods yes, yes, yes, yes, gods!..."-- and then he was swallowing the thick hot taste of the man below him, hearing the ecstatic chant reach its peak and was thankful this holodeck was soundproof.

He collected all the final drops with a few long licks, then stood up.

It's been a while, but you don't seem to have lost your touch he congratulated himself, surveying the exhausted man below him. Spirits, but he's gorgeous... um. He realised this picture of Sprawled Paris would be accompanying DIY orgasms for some time to come, but he reluctantly discarded the idea of asking Paris to suck him off in return. Tempting, but impossible. He's got what he wanted, or what he said he wanted, and there's no way he'd do anything but tease me now. He's back in control-- pity the same couldn't be said for me... He slid his hand down, realising with a sinking heart the bulge in his uniform was far too conspicuous to walk back to his quarters with. Oh god. Jerking off in front of Paris - he's going to love reminding me of this! But his hope that the dismal thoughts would allow him to control the problem was unfounded - if anything, the prospect of danger made him harder.

He undid the front of his pants and slid his hand around his cock. Despite his wish to be as discrete as possible, the first touch of a firm hand to his aching erection brought forth an involuntary moan. Paris opened his eyes.

"That was incredible," he breathed, then noticed Chakotay, frozen with a hand against his crotch. "What are you doing?" he asked, confusion tingeing his languorous expression.

"Well, you have sort of left me with a problem, here." Chakotay said, withdrawing his hand to indicate, trying not to be embarrassed, bracing himself against the imminent ridicule.

Paris raised himself onto his elbows, seemingly unconcerned by his nudity. His eyes swept down Chakotay's body, resting appreciatively on the straining cock protruding from the slightly rumpled uniform before returning to his face.

"And that's a problem, Commander?" he purred, eyebrows raised. Before Chakotay could answer, he continued, grinning, "looks hard enough to me..."

"Hard enough for what?!" he exclaimed, unable to believe he was having this conversation, refusing to hope where it might be heading. Paris seemed to have no such restraint.

"To fuck me, of course," he replied blithely, as if propositioning his CO was the most natural and daily thing in the world. But he must have noticed Chakotay's shocked expression, because his next words sounded slightly concerned

"-- you were planning on taking me, weren't you?"

"Well... no, actually, I wasn't," he answered honestly, wishing the pilot's words hadn't bypassed his head and gone straight to his cock, making coherent conversation somewhat harder.

"Why not?"

"Well-- "

"Would you if I begged?" Paris asked, his voice dropping seductively, sending another jolt of desire through Chakotay, who gulped.


"You look as if you might like the idea," he observed, grinning and flashing his eyebrows suggestively, before suddenly looking serious, rising gracefully to his knees and looking slyly up through lowered lashes.

Seeing the ever-cocky lieutenant in such a submissive pose temporarily removed Chakotay's ability to speak, and when his brain finally found words his voice-box anointed them with a husky overtone.

"Are you... Are you sure about this? I don't want to be watching my back for the next seventy years for a bloodthirsty Paris because tomorrow you decided I'd taken advantage of you..." He was a little disturbed that although his mind was concerned by the idea, his cock really didn't care and just wanted in.

Paris stood, placing a decisive finger across Chakotay's lips.

"Computer simulate lubricant" he whispered, pressing the resulting tube in Chakotay's hand, then he lowered his finger and replaced it with his lips.

"I want-- I need you inside me..." he gasped a few minutes later, fingers wrestling uselessly with the fastenings of the uniform, ceasing as Chakotay's hands covered his, moving them gently away.

"Wha-- ?" Chakotay cut off his protest with a second kiss, enjoying the way the man immediately stopped talking and melted into the connection. He detached his fingers and one-handed unlocked his uniform, the other hand dropping the tube and tangling in the pilot's hair. Eventually he stepped back, breathing heavily.

"My fingers are... slightly... faster right now," he murmured, as he disposed of the fabric, "something about knowing the territory..." He planted small, biting kisses along Paris' jawline, smiling into them as he heard the moans they evoked.

"Well here's some-- ahh-- newer territory for them-- ahh, do that again-- to explore-- " Chakotay reclaimed his mouth, unwilling to let a battle of words distract from his basic directive.

Sinking to the ground, Paris disengaged suddenly and reached under himself. He held up the lube, fixing Chakotay with a teasing frown.

"I thought I gave you this once already." The effect was spoiled by a gasp as Chakotay, grinning evilly, flicked roughly at his nipple before relieving him of both lube and speech during a kiss that left the pilot pinned on his back, flushed and breathless.

"Your fingers learn new places fast" he growled appreciatively.

"Wow, you managed a whole sentence-- " Chakotay congratulated, deciding that was not an ability Paris needed now, and he should put a stop to it. At least, these were the ideas behind his thoughts. His thoughts themselves were more like oh-gods-he-looks-so-good-I-want-him-so-much...

He opened the tube with one hand and liberally anointed the other, then stroked down the crack of Paris' ass, pressing close to the puckered skin. Paris moaned, then moved to turn over.



Chakotay took a deep breath and spoke softly. "I want to watch you beneath me. I want to watch you being fucked by me, I want to watch you as you see it's me doing this to you, and I want to watch you when you come." He fixed the pilot with an intense stare, wondering how that would go down. Paris' eyes widened, darkened, glittered.

"Oh fuck, oh gods Chakotay, this is so good, so much more than I-- ah more, please more..." he moaned as Chakotay interrupted smoothly, by slipping a finger inside him.

Gritting his teeth against the thought of how good this tight heat would feel against his aching cock, Chakotay gradually added a second finger, then a third, sliding past the taut muscle again and again until it relaxed.

Which was the opposite of Paris; the man was panting, begging in gasps moans and making Chakotay's control a very hard veneer to sustain.

Eventually Chakotay decided the loosened muscle was ready to take him, and removed his fingers, drinking up the indignant protest as he did so, and smoothed the remaining gel onto his cock, pausing instantly as his own touch threatened to take him past the unwelcome point of no return.

"Please please, hurry, take me, fuck me, please, ohgods please, now, now yes now-- " Paris moaned blithely, submitting willingly as Chakotay manoeuvred his legs onto his shoulders, positioning himself at the entrance to his body, using the last of his stretched control to resist thrusting down hard.

He pressed forwards, easing himself inside, a moan escaping his teeth as the passage enveloped him, the heat shooting through his body, "Spirits you're so tight...!" he breathed, vaguely hearing the babble of pleas and moans Paris was voicing beneath him.

When he was almost completely sheathed he pulled half out again, the smooth hot friction driving him almost exquisitely insane, before Paris put a stop to the slow pace by tightening his legs around Chakotay's shoulders, accompanying his clumsy message with a hissed "harder, I can take it-- oh yes!" as Chakotay finally drove home. And that felt so good he had to do it again.

The heat built in waves through his body, each thrust sending a white fire of pleasure through him and pushing him closer to coming, his moans taking on a keener edge,

"Ahh, Gods-- "

"Oh yes, oh harder, harder, give it to me, faster, more, oh, oh yes, yes, more-- "

His eyes caught Paris' dark blue ones, and the heat he saw there almost sent him over the edge, he was so close, so he reached between them and found Paris' cock, solid again, and pumped it to the same rhythm as his slammed into his body, tightening suddenly to send him over.

"-- oh fuck, oh yes, oh gods, ohgods-fuck-yes, yes Cha, yes!" Paris shot fresh come violently between them, hot on both panting chests, as his contractions triggered Chakotay's own orgasm.

The white heat exploded behind his eyes and he cried out, pleasure coursing through his body in an ecstatic fire, burning and consuming as he rammed down, filling the man beneath again and again until, spent, he collapsed heavily onto the sticky man below. He had just enough prescience of mind to roll over, withdrawing, allowing Paris to breath freely, before slipping into an exhausted sleep on the slightly spongy floor.


Chakotay woke, and discovered his arm had something heavy on it. Then he realised that something was a sleeping Lieutenant Paris. Oh...

He watched the man, looking so peaceful compared to when he was... conscious, and smiled gently.

He felt empty. It had been some time before his last meal. But he didn't want to move.

Then, suddenly realising his captured arm was in danger of losing all feeling, Chakotay strove to release it without waking the other man. And failed, miserably. Though he wasn't miserable for long - the sight of Paris waking up and stretching luxuriously, then seeing the surprise in his eyes as he realised who he was wound around fading into a deliciously lusty grin, was well worth any momentary guilt at rousing him.

"So do you still want me to unlock the door?" Paris asked teasingly, trailing one finger up Chakotay's arm. He looked far too smug for his own good. Chakotay gently removed the hand that had settled on his shoulder and sat up.

"If you would, Paris." He kept his voice flat, refusing to melt at the shocked hurt and disappointment that shone unguarded through the other man's eyes at the brutal tone. But a previously unnoticed tension dispersed he realised this hadn't just been another power game.

"Computer, disengage privacy Paris6," the other said, equally expressionless.

"Computer, engage privacy lock Chakotay1," rolling over suddenly and trapping the startled man beneath him. He leaned down until they were nose to nose and whispered, "now I've got you at my mercy. You can't leave until I let you, Lieutenant."

Paris' startled expression was probably still there. But it was drowned out by the fiery desire his words seemed to have ignited, and if Chakotay still had any doubts the jump at groin-level would have reassured him.

"Did you just pull rank on me, Commander?" he hissed into Chakotay's fast descending mouth.

Chakotay kissed him viciously before disengaging, breathing more roughly than a couple of minutes earlier, all thought of food vanished under a more demanding hunger.

"Oh yes, Lieutenant, I've decided you really need a lesson in ship-board discipline. And as your Commanding Officer, I think I'm the right person to give it to you."

"Oh, yes sir..."

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