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May 05

Ante [HP, 20k] Draco wants Blaise's mouth where his money is.

Also worth a look: Temporary Insanity, where the pretty sparkly boys dance each other horizontal.

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Ante [20k] Draco wants Blaise's mouth where his money is.

Stray [34k] Harry can't cook. Ron can't concentrate. Draco can't lose.

(radar) Limbo [15k, HP/B7 crossover] Servalan's trial; Minerva is perfectly happy for the assumption to continue that she has hated the accused from the beginning.

Double or Nothing. [90k] Exploration of social boundaries. Through porn. (Using redheads and bonus popstar.)

Lustre [152k] Written with Julad. Draco is perfectly fine, thankyou, and Harry is merely distracting.



Tarnish. [35k] John don't like girls' work.



Disturbers of the Peace. [4k] Lex thought about this when he signed the cheque.

Contract [18k] Lex is torn in two directions. but also gets a handjob on a Russian train, so it's not all bad.

Absent Mind [8k] Clark's got basically no willpower. For Schyuler.



Different kind, an Aragorn/Boromir, replete with adjectives and shivery-warmth.



I'll happily argue my case for housing rps and fps on the same site, but it ultimately boils down to convenience, so. Mail me if you care enough to wanna have the whole thing out, or seek a cuter introduction + prettier site here. Meanwhile, those who're just here for the charming ultraslashy actorboys, feel free:

Harvest Festival [50k] Miranda's the hottest thing that ever dragged Liv across a september moor and into the realm of hyperthermia.

Compromise. [18k] Dom already has Elijah in every other way.
Accessory. [80k] Dom's gentlemanly status adjusts, but Orlando just isn't London. illustration.
Cure. [37k] Dirty boys get clean. and dirty.
Appropriate Reactions. [9k] Schoolboy etiquette.
Pass. [10k] Present for Dom. and, ultimately, broccili.

Blood Oranges. For Dale, a vignette that evolved.

1: Clean-cut
2: Desirous
3: Crest
4: Two Steps Back
5: Star-crossed
6: Deficiency

[WIP. 190k, ish, thus far] If Viggo had given in at the beginning, they wouldn't be in this position now.

Sabotage. [104k] Heh. That slutfic.
Subversion. [42k] Heh. That chair.



Thanking the Whiting. [10k] Stuart is disruptive.



Apropos [V/M, 11k] Vic reacts as he sees fit.

Density [V/M, 45k] The lovely Vic argues with the lovely Mac, and then some.

Sway, [V/M, 180k, NC17] Mac wants Vic. Mac gets Vic. There has to be a catch somewhere. hosted and gorgeously-illustrated by Theban Band.



Moth. [8k] Xander's not a morsel, and Spike shouldn't be in the neighbourhood.



(radar) Limbo [15k, HP/B7 crossover] Servalan's trial; Minerva is perfectly happy for the assumption to continue that she has hated the accused from the beginning.

Souls of Discretion, [A/B, 70k] Avon objects to Blake's PR system. Prequel to Snatch.

Snatch [A/T + V, 32k] Slashy indulgence, subscribing to the worship-Avon field. Vila experiences an unusual sense of deja vu.

Incongruity [84k] A crossover: Blake's 7 and Voyager. Avon/Paris. Somehow, this story justifies that premise. Well, almost. <g>



Hot Sky Blue, with julad and livia. A pwp: three writers; two men; one hot, sweaty basketball game on a nice summer's day.



For the record: these are *old*. If you know how old I am now, you can work out how old I was whilst a-writin'. Read on at own risk.

Rival Claims This one's long by my terms, and quite dark. I'm not going to mention words like fixation 'cause it might give some of the plot away. [85k]

Requital [P/K, 30k] Ah. Waitasecond. You're saying you didn't want yet another piece of undiluted sex between Tom and Harry? Oh. Oh dear. I'll take this back, then. <wg> The boys make good on a bet. Slight voyeuristic streak.  

Conditional Love [P/K, 10k] Short and not-quite-sweet, it's the Minute After.

Visually Impaired [C/P, 14k] A little kinky thing. Quite a spectacular lack of plot, despite reworking.

Shifting Visions [P/K, 35k] Inebriation in aaaaall its glory. And sex, of course.

Incongruity [84k] A crossover; Blake's7 and Voyager. Avon/Paris. Somehow, this story justifies that premise. Well, almost. <g>

Hungry C/P, Calico-style. [69k] Antagonism and a little initiative.

Restraint [P/K, 23k] Trying to bridge a gap.

Relish [P/K, 37k] Food and Porn!

Dreaming [P/K, 15k, NC17] Harry's version of Spontaneous Combustion [P/K, 40k]. I've taken this duet down for reworking, because the wincing stage has advanced chronically.

Almost Insubordination [C/P, 37k] My first ever Voyager slash. Holodeck smut. <g>



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